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Arrrgghhh, only managed to put the basing sand on this evening. Work has an annoying habit of getting in the way of painting. Spent the day doing sketches of Eric Clapton’s new vegetable garden (no joke !). Busy day tmorrow as well but hoping to get the undercoating done as a minimum.

It’s looking unlikely that I’ll get the arm,y finished so might need to re-jig the list and incorporate some skirmishers etc from other armies, probably slingers from the Age of Arthur Irish. We shall see.

Cheers W.


My first choice for the infantry was to take some Vikings from the Dogs of War sections in the Shieldwall supplement. I ordered some vikings from GB and also some general dark age rank and file from Crusader. Well I couldn’t quite believe the difference in scale when they turned up. Here is an example of them side by side.

Talk about David and Goliath ! The GB guys were just too big to use and will be heading to the Bring and Buy at Colours this weekend. Likewise the Crusaders guys would be ideal for teenagers.

As a fall back I’ve put together some of the GB plastic hirdmen which I’ve mixed in with some of the more acceptable Crusader figures.

I’ve stuck them to their bases and applied the polyfilla. Tomorrow I will add the basing sand and undercoat them black.

Cheers W.

Didn’t do much yesterday but am pleased to report I finally finished of the remaining knights whilst watching the match tonight. So, 32 Mounted Milites, ASB and General = around 1500pts so only 300pts to go !

Bring on those infanty.

Cheers W.

Two more knights completed, so just three remaining before I make a start on the infantry. Am still undecided about the army composition. The scenarios to be played will probably dictate the final choice.

I’m umpiring the WAB event at Colours next week so will be doing the list checking tonight. It takes quite a while to check the lists thoroughly, especially those that are hand written. It’s amazing how many mistakes you find. Fortunatley I only have six lists to validate tonight.

Cheers W.

Yikes – another day slips past without any paint leaving the brush.

However, this was because I spent the day up in Rushden at the Axes and Axis one day WAB competition.

Left at 7am to get there in time for a 9:30am start. It was an open competition with three 2000pts games.

Game 1: Samurai vs Romans (Gavin). No real missile fire in the Roman army, so the Samurai could sit back and whittle away the legions / auxillary until the Romans came close enough to charge. A few combats with the Samurai coming out on top. 32-0 Win.

Game 2: Samurai vs Thracian (Paul). The Thracians are all warband with some good characters. Again the Samurai stayed compact and concentrated their fire, weakening the Generals warband unit so that when it  got into contact it didn’t outnumber the Samurai. This game also included a grueling cavalry combat that lasted turn after turn after turn until at the end only the two characters remain (all previous rounds were draws, hence no auto breaks). The Thracians large numbers couldn’t make up for their lack of armour. 32-0 Win.

Game 3: Samurai vs Samurai (Colin). I could have played tactically and gone for a draw but that just isn’t my style I’m afraid so it was all out war. At half way things were looking great as I had killed Colin’s Samurai cavalry and routed his general. However, my pursuit pulled me out of position and exposed a flank to Colin’s killer monks who duly routed two of my units and despatched my general. My own Monks failed and important leadership test at a vital moment and the game was lost. You live by the sword, die by the sword. Lost 29-3.

1st Colin Harwood – Samurai

2nd Martin Gibbins – Carthaginian

3rd Me – Samurai

Pleased with that, and also tied with Paul and Simon for best Sportsman (which is always gratifying).

An enjoyable days gaming thanks to the efforts of the Phoenix club and Warren and Simon in particular.

Cheers W.

Disaster – no painting today.

Off to the Axes and Axis tournament tomorrow. A one day open competition. Am taking my Samurai along as I don’t have much opportunity to use them these days. It will be their first outing under WAB 2.0 so I’m interested to see how they fare.

Think we are playing 3 games in total. Will be happy with a mid table finish as some good players and tough armies attending.

Cheers W.

Thirty knights now completed – four remaining.

Started work on the Viking Pirates today. I’ve decided that the Dogs of War figures from GB are just tooooooo big to use with the Crusader Milites. As a fall back plan I have a box of the GB plastic Hirdmen that I’m now putting together to as a substitute. The figures come with a variety of weapons but are armoured and have shields so I’m going to have to add these as equipement choices for the VIkings in my list. This is going to make the unit very expensive but also means I will have less figures to paint and transport. The plastics will also be lighter to carry.

I started putting the magnectic strips onto the cavalry bases.

Might manage a bit of brushwork tomorrow whilst watching the footie.

Cheers W.

A day of deliverance.

Three parcels today;

1. Shield transfers from my chum Nick, I subsequently found some spare so have returned them to him

2.20mm x 20mm Infantry Bases from Renedra. I have stuck the 24 GB Vikings to their bases

3. Package from GB with more Renedra bases and some magnectic strips for the cavalry.

Not much progress on the painting front today I’m sorry to report. However, had a good 1500pt game of Age of Arthur; Irish vs Romano British. A win for the Irish thanks to the uber chariot unit. I think this unit is too powerful so I might reserve it for tournament play only and try and come up with a more friendly list with the heroes on foot in the infantry units.

Cheers W.

Arrgghhh….not as much progress today as I had hoped for. I managed to finish one more knight (well almost, just got to finish the mane and tail) which brings the total to 28 completed.

The grrener “spring” grass tufts are working out ok once they have been dry brushed with dark and pale sand. The new glue however is causing some problems, mainly to my nasal passages. It does have a strong vapour which is quite irritable. It’s also a squeeze type bottle which doesnt give as much control as the brush. Think I am going back to the GW brush super glue.

Cheers W.

Four more knights completed which brings the total to 27.

That leaves just 7 cavalry left.

With this in mind I have ordered the infantry bases direct from Renedra. They usually arrive pretty quickly so I should have them by the time I finish the cavalry.

Looking ahead at the painting days available I think I will just about be on schedule if I can finish the cavalry off by the end of Wednesday.

My thoughts are now turning to how best to transport the army. I have lots of the GW cases so might see if I can customise one of them to take the army. I’m also considering selling the army at the event to help fund the trip.

Cheers W.