Set off bright and early Friday morning. My bag weighed at ton with the army and rule book in it. We arrived in Strasbourg late Friday afternoon and after checking in to the hotel I nervously opened the box to see how the figures had survived the journey. Overall, not too much damage, about 5 spears and 3 shields needed gluing back on. Met up with the rest of the UK contingent for beers and sausage.

Saturday – 3 games at the newly refurbished venue (very nice). First game was a win against Olaf and his BtGG Caliphates.  Very pleased to get a win first time out.

Game 2 was a defeat against Helmut’s BtGG Byzantines. Even the Norman Duke was no match for WS4 re-rolling superior 2+ save  Byzantine cavlary. A couple of crucial failed leadership tests meant all was lost.

Game 3 and another defeat against Yannicks shieldwal pike wielding picts. A schoolboy error meant that I managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory when in a moment of pure madness I decided to charge his nobles unit in the front as well as the rear (had I just charged in the rear then I would have  won the combat).

Saturday night saw more merriment and flamenkurken. Resolved to try and improve my performance on Sunday.

Game 4 – a win against Vincent and his Fall of the West Warlords.

Game 5 – a win againt Paul and his BtGG Rus.

So overall, 3 wins and 2 defeats – not bad. Alex from Germany (red t shirt in pic below) won the Dark Age event with his Vikings but Graham Wallis (sassanid Persian) came 2nd, just beating his Dad, Paul (Rus) who finished in 3rd place.

I had a few enquiries about purchasing the army but no firm offers so they came back home with me. I will touch them up over the next few days in preparation for listing on E-bay.

A big thank you to Alex and the Gronards for organising a very enjoyable event.

So, that brings my Argentoratum blog to an end. It was fun doing and I hope fun to follow. I will repeat the excercise next year but give myself more time to get an army together.

Talking of which – I’m putting together my next army. It is a Carthaginian to be used at next years WAB GT. I will be setting up a blog about it in the next couple of days.

Cheers Wayne.