Well times up and I didn’t manage to paint it all (must leave more time for the next one!). I’ve had to bring in some conscripts from other armies to swell the ranks.

Have packed the troops, along with the camera so I can record how they get on during their five games over the weekend.

I’m not expecting to do very well. It will be the first (and potentially last) time I’ve used the army as I’ve not had any chance to practice with them. I will be happy if I can get a couple of wins, although this is going to be hard as there are some tough armies in my section. The BtGG armies with their re-rolls and ability to strike first with kontos definately have the edge over the Norman knights who tend to be a one-shot all or nothing affair. There will be lots of shieldwalls around and nasty T4 vikings with two handed choppers ready to dice up the flower of France.

Obviously, no posts now until I return on Monday.

Cheers W.