Got the scenario pack for the event. Some very interesting scenarios and a neat scoring system. The most notable thing was that the games are played using a 50% Army Break Point rather than the usual 25% – it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Made a start on the infantry. Have almost painted up the first four of the “Vikings”. Am starting with a small unit of 9 armed with Throwing spear and shield which I will field in skirmish formation. These are going to be my skirmish killers. The army is very much a one trick pony so there won’t be much going on in the way of tactics, just a straight forward charge.

This just won’t cut it against the BtGG armies, particularly the Sassanids that can a) fire on the charge b) strikes first due to the kontos c) gets re-rolls d) have a longer move rate e) have the drilled ability f) have a better armour save and g) cost less. I have a fully painted Sassanid army – why on earth didn’t I just take that and save myself the expense and stress of painting the Normans ?

Doh ! – W.