Yesterday. Umpiring second day at Colours. Final standings were as follows;

1st – Paddy (ottoman), 2nd Graham (ottoman), 3rd Bill (HYW French), 4th Bob (WotR), 5th George (Italian Condotta), 6th David (WotR).

The ottomans continued to dominate, winning 9 out of the 10 games they were involved in. Personally I think that there is too great a disparity between the Age of Chivalry and Vlad supplements for them to be used in conjunction at an event like this. I will be recommending that armies used next years be drawn from a single supplement.

Overall I thought the show seemed a little flat. The bring and buy was busy and I managed to sell just over £100’s worth of lead. This will go towards the new lead for next years WAB GT army (blog to follow). There were a couple of reasonable demo games. As for Traders, some of the big names were missing (GB, Curteys etc) and personally there wee too many flogging second hand GW stuff for my liking. It was good to see some of the smaller independent traders and I’d particularly mention Heroes of the Dark Age ( Check out their web-site, some nice and unusual figures, plus painting guide and video. I shall me adding one of their Norman Commanders to my army.

Finally, I picked up a stack of movement trays as I’m tired of moving troops between trays every time I want to use a different army.

Cheers W.