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Set off bright and early Friday morning. My bag weighed at ton with the army and rule book in it. We arrived in Strasbourg late Friday afternoon and after checking in to the hotel I nervously opened the box to see how the figures had survived the journey. Overall, not too much damage, about 5 spears and 3 shields needed gluing back on. Met up with the rest of the UK contingent for beers and sausage.

Saturday – 3 games at the newly refurbished venue (very nice). First game was a win against Olaf and his BtGG Caliphates.  Very pleased to get a win first time out.

Game 2 was a defeat against Helmut’s BtGG Byzantines. Even the Norman Duke was no match for WS4 re-rolling superior 2+ save  Byzantine cavlary. A couple of crucial failed leadership tests meant all was lost.

Game 3 and another defeat against Yannicks shieldwal pike wielding picts. A schoolboy error meant that I managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory when in a moment of pure madness I decided to charge his nobles unit in the front as well as the rear (had I just charged in the rear then I would have  won the combat).

Saturday night saw more merriment and flamenkurken. Resolved to try and improve my performance on Sunday.

Game 4 – a win against Vincent and his Fall of the West Warlords.

Game 5 – a win againt Paul and his BtGG Rus.

So overall, 3 wins and 2 defeats – not bad. Alex from Germany (red t shirt in pic below) won the Dark Age event with his Vikings but Graham Wallis (sassanid Persian) came 2nd, just beating his Dad, Paul (Rus) who finished in 3rd place.

I had a few enquiries about purchasing the army but no firm offers so they came back home with me. I will touch them up over the next few days in preparation for listing on E-bay.

A big thank you to Alex and the Gronards for organising a very enjoyable event.

So, that brings my Argentoratum blog to an end. It was fun doing and I hope fun to follow. I will repeat the excercise next year but give myself more time to get an army together.

Talking of which – I’m putting together my next army. It is a Carthaginian to be used at next years WAB GT. I will be setting up a blog about it in the next couple of days.

Cheers Wayne.


Well times up and I didn’t manage to paint it all (must leave more time for the next one!). I’ve had to bring in some conscripts from other armies to swell the ranks.

Have packed the troops, along with the camera so I can record how they get on during their five games over the weekend.

I’m not expecting to do very well. It will be the first (and potentially last) time I’ve used the army as I’ve not had any chance to practice with them. I will be happy if I can get a couple of wins, although this is going to be hard as there are some tough armies in my section. The BtGG armies with their re-rolls and ability to strike first with kontos definately have the edge over the Norman knights who tend to be a one-shot all or nothing affair. There will be lots of shieldwalls around and nasty T4 vikings with two handed choppers ready to dice up the flower of France.

Obviously, no posts now until I return on Monday.

Cheers W.

Day 46

Arrgghhh – struck down by “Man Flu”. Managed another 4 infantry.

Feel crap – off to bed.

😦 W.

Another day away from the brush – have also got a streaming cold. However, have manged an hour or so tonight whilst listening to the Rams match on the internet.

These are Crusader miniatures that I’m deploying as Vikings armed with Throwing spear and shield.

Lots of browns used here. The tunic is Foundry Musket Stock Brown. Also used are Foundry leather brown, GW Scorced Brown, GW Graveyard earth, Foundry spearshaft.

Hope to do another 4 tomorrowtogether with some movement trays.

Cheers W.

Got the scenario pack for the event. Some very interesting scenarios and a neat scoring system. The most notable thing was that the games are played using a 50% Army Break Point rather than the usual 25% – it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Made a start on the infantry. Have almost painted up the first four of the “Vikings”. Am starting with a small unit of 9 armed with Throwing spear and shield which I will field in skirmish formation. These are going to be my skirmish killers. The army is very much a one trick pony so there won’t be much going on in the way of tactics, just a straight forward charge.

This just won’t cut it against the BtGG armies, particularly the Sassanids that can a) fire on the charge b) strikes first due to the kontos c) gets re-rolls d) have a longer move rate e) have the drilled ability f) have a better armour save and g) cost less. I have a fully painted Sassanid army – why on earth didn’t I just take that and save myself the expense and stress of painting the Normans ?

Doh ! – W.

Yesterday. Umpiring second day at Colours. Final standings were as follows;

1st – Paddy (ottoman), 2nd Graham (ottoman), 3rd Bill (HYW French), 4th Bob (WotR), 5th George (Italian Condotta), 6th David (WotR).

The ottomans continued to dominate, winning 9 out of the 10 games they were involved in. Personally I think that there is too great a disparity between the Age of Chivalry and Vlad supplements for them to be used in conjunction at an event like this. I will be recommending that armies used next years be drawn from a single supplement.

Overall I thought the show seemed a little flat. The bring and buy was busy and I managed to sell just over £100’s worth of lead. This will go towards the new lead for next years WAB GT army (blog to follow). There were a couple of reasonable demo games. As for Traders, some of the big names were missing (GB, Curteys etc) and personally there wee too many flogging second hand GW stuff for my liking. It was good to see some of the smaller independent traders and I’d particularly mention Heroes of the Dark Age ( Check out their web-site, some nice and unusual figures, plus painting guide and video. I shall me adding one of their Norman Commanders to my army.

Finally, I picked up a stack of movement trays as I’m tired of moving troops between trays every time I want to use a different army.

Cheers W.

No painting today as I spent the day umpiring the WAB competition at Colours, full report tomorrow but a couple of pics from today.

Bob Lorton’s War of the Roses

Bill Smith deploys his HYW Franco-Scots before facing the Ottomans

Graham Wallis (Ottoman) and David Hale (War of the Roses) do battle

Cheers Wayne.

Undercoated the infantry this morning. Busy rest of the day but have finally decided on the exact list, driven mainly by the figures I have available. So here it is.


1 x General: Heavy Armour, Shield, Thrusting Spear, Warhorse = 207pts

1 x ASB: Heavy Armour, Thrusting Spear, Warhorse = 132pts

10 x Mounted Milites: Heavy Armour, Shield, Lance, Warhorse, Full command = 365pts

10 x Mounted Milites: Heavy Armour, Shield, Lance, Warhorse, Full command = 365pts

9 x Mounted Milites: Heavy Armour, Shield, Lance, Warhorse, Full command = 330pts

9 x Coloni: Hand Weapon, sling = 36pts

9 x Vikings: Hand Weapon, Shield, Throwing SPear, Javelins, Leader, Musician = 145pts

3 x Vikings: Hand Weapon, Light Armour, Shield, Double Handed Axe combined with

9 x Vikings: Hand Weapon, Light Armour, Shield, Throwing Spear, Full Command = 219pts

Total 1799pts

I am umpiring the WAB event at Colours over the next couple of days so won’t be painting, but I hope to post.

Cheers Wayne.

Arrrgghhh, only managed to put the basing sand on this evening. Work has an annoying habit of getting in the way of painting. Spent the day doing sketches of Eric Clapton’s new vegetable garden (no joke !). Busy day tmorrow as well but hoping to get the undercoating done as a minimum.

It’s looking unlikely that I’ll get the arm,y finished so might need to re-jig the list and incorporate some skirmishers etc from other armies, probably slingers from the Age of Arthur Irish. We shall see.

Cheers W.

My first choice for the infantry was to take some Vikings from the Dogs of War sections in the Shieldwall supplement. I ordered some vikings from GB and also some general dark age rank and file from Crusader. Well I couldn’t quite believe the difference in scale when they turned up. Here is an example of them side by side.

Talk about David and Goliath ! The GB guys were just too big to use and will be heading to the Bring and Buy at Colours this weekend. Likewise the Crusaders guys would be ideal for teenagers.

As a fall back I’ve put together some of the GB plastic hirdmen which I’ve mixed in with some of the more acceptable Crusader figures.

I’ve stuck them to their bases and applied the polyfilla. Tomorrow I will add the basing sand and undercoat them black.

Cheers W.