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Arrgghhh….not as much progress today as I had hoped for. I managed to finish one more knight (well almost, just got to finish the mane and tail) which brings the total to 28 completed.

The grrener “spring” grass tufts are working out ok once they have been dry brushed with dark and pale sand. The new glue however is causing some problems, mainly to my nasal passages. It does have a strong vapour which is quite irritable. It’s also a squeeze type bottle which doesnt give as much control as the brush. Think I am going back to the GW brush super glue.

Cheers W.


Four more knights completed which brings the total to 27.

That leaves just 7 cavalry left.

With this in mind I have ordered the infantry bases direct from Renedra. They usually arrive pretty quickly so I should have them by the time I finish the cavalry.

Looking ahead at the painting days available I think I will just about be on schedule if I can finish the cavalry off by the end of Wednesday.

My thoughts are now turning to how best to transport the army. I have lots of the GW cases so might see if I can customise one of them to take the army. I’m also considering selling the army at the event to help fund the trip.

Cheers W.

Slow but steady preogress. Worked on another 4 of the knights today – just need to add the shields to finish them off.

Also had a look at the Gripping Beast Viking Pirates. Quite a good selection of poses but I need to do some work on the hands to open them up to accept the weapons. I haven’t decided on the optimum weapon mix yet but will probably go with double handed axes in the front rant with throwing spears in the rear. I have enough for a unit of 24.

Starting to have second thoughts regarding the army composition. Tommy posted a battle report on the WAB forum covering a Norman vs Norman game and both players had opted for units of 9 Mounted Milites. I’m thinking that my units of 12 might be too large and that a smaller unit of 9 or 10 would be mor manouverable. I could even go to 4 units of 8 but this does make them vulnerable to shooting.

Bank holiday tomorrow so hoping to get a good few hours in with the brush. Cheers W.

Second unit of Mounted Milites now finished – hurrah !

Cheers W.

Good progress today, almost completed the second unit of Milites – just need to touch up their shields and do a bit of work on the horses, I reckon another hour should do it so hope to be able to post a picture tomorrow. That should give me 23 out of the 34 cavalry completed and keeps be just about on schedule.

Good game last night – Age of Arthur, 1500pts Irish vs Picts. I have posted a battle report on the WAB forum. The new rules mean that I have had to change my tactics with the Irish. Yesterday I tried using a chariot squadron consisting of 5 characters. It is certainly a powerful unit but is vulnerable to missile fire and counts for 40% of the army points so lots of eggs in one basket.

Cheers W.

Continued to work on the second unit of Milites. Painted the chainmail using GW Bolt Gun Metal followed by a wash of GW Badab Black. Also painted the horse cloths, GW Scab Red followed by GW Blood Red. Stuck some more shields on. Am really hoping to crack on tomorrow and maybe, just maybe finish the unit if I can stay focused.

My daughter popped into town so was able to pick up some more Chaos Black spray so that I can undercoat the infantry.

Actually managed a game of WAB tonight, 1500pts Irish vs Picts (Age of Arthur). Might post a report on the WAB forum if the pictures turn out ok.

Cheers W.

Managed to finish off three more knights bringing the total up to 16 figures.

Second unit

I did the same trick with the unit standard but used a slightly larger transfer.

I normally don’t paint the white in the eyes of the horses as normally you can’t see them. For some reason I decided to dot them in this time. Not sure whether I like it or not. It can give a pantomime look if the white is too large.

Managed to locate a few spare shield transfers from my friend Nick in Derby.

Have a game scheduled tomorrow, using my Age of Arthur Irish Kingdoms against Bill’s evil Pictish horde that contains no less than 7 characters. I’m not holding out much hope for the Irish. However, it will be interesting to see how my unit of chariots fares under the new rules. Might post a battle report if I remember to take the camera.

Cheers W.

Managed a couple of hours with the brush in front of the tv whilst watching episode 2 and 3 of “The Normans”, nothing really worth photographing. Am working on a batch of three knights at the moment which I hope to finish tomorrow.

The new glue and grass tufts arrived in the post. However, the grass tufts are much greener than I was expecting – I’ve obviously ordered the wrong season. Not sure what to do – will try painting one tomorrow to see if I can get it to match the existing ones I have.

I’m also a few shield transfers short so might need to order another sheet.

Cheers W.

Spent the day on a farm in Wiltshire at a metal detecting rally. Found a George 3rd Half Penny about 200 years old but it wasn’t in very good condition. Consequently only spent a short time with the paint brush this evening, mostly spent putting some base colours on the remianing Milites. Target for this week is to try and maybe finish a unit of 10.

Cheers W.

Managed to grab an hour or so with the brush, so decided to try and finish the general. The Duke costs 207 pts, so together with the 12 Milites that comes to nearly 600 pts painted – or a third of the army ! (Argentoratum event is 1800pts per army).

I struggle with white horses, especially when I need to paint them quickly. For this one I painted the horse white then gave it a wash with GW Badab Black. This gives you a dirty grey horse. I then went over it again using a diluted white, about 5 parts water to 1 part paint. The result is ok given the time. At least it is the only white horse I have to paint. I haven’t decided whether to give him a shield or not. Ideally I would have liked to use a more dynamic figure as he is going to be in the thick of the combats rather than stood at the back watching. Cheers W.



Duke 3