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Had to paint in the evening whilst catching up on some TV (currently working my way through Spartacus Blood and Sand on Bravo), so conditions not ideal.

Concentrated on painting some more bases using GW Graveyard Earth drybrushed with Valejo Dark Sand, washed with GW Devlan Mud then drybrushed again with the dark sand. I’m going to be using magnetic tape on the bases. I was going to make my own movement trays but I think I might have to buy some given the timescales.

Am going away for the weekend. Am hoping to take a few figures along and maybe block in the colour on a few of the horses.

Cheers W.


Well the blog is certainly working in terms of making me motivated to paint. I’m starting to feel guilty if I don’t have anything to post.

Have decided to concentrate on painting a unit at a time. Started this morning by giving the bases a coat of GW Graveyard Earth. Then started applying the base coat for the horse. I’m going to do a mix of horse colours. The ones in the picture below have a base coat of GW Scorched Brown. I’ve gone over the harness and horse cloth as Scorched Brown works well as a base coat for these.

Next, I thought I would paint one figure completely so that I could see how the colours I was thinking of using looked on the figure. Here are a few shots of the first finished figure.

I normally use a three colour method but because I need to get these painted quickly I’m using much more drybrushing and ink washes. These still give a pleasing result and are quicker than my usual method.

Colours used were as follows;

Horse – Scorched Brown, Vermin Brown Drybrush, Sepia Wash. Tail is black with codex grey drybrush.

Flesh – Light Conker, Flesh Wash, Foundry Flesh (5A)

Chainmail – Boltgun metal, Badab Black wash. Clothes – Foudry Leather

Harness/Leather – Foundry Musket Brown. Horse Cloth is Scab Red.

Shield – LBM transfer with Sepia wash

Spear – Foundry Spearshaft

Base – Graveyard Earth, Dark Sand, Devlan Mud Wash, Light Sand drybrush. Some silfor grass tufts added.

I’m happy with the finished result. I will now paint the rest of the unit but will use more of a production line approach, i.e. paint all the bases, followed by all the horses etc etc.

Cheers W.

Arrrggghhh – no progress on the painting front today as I spent the morning driving back from Exeter and the afternoon out with the Metal Detector. However, the Viking Dogs of War turned up from Gripping Beast which is excellent. I reckon I now have enough lead to make 1800pts – 2000pts depending on the options I take.

Paintbrush will be out tomorrow ! W.

Family committments means that I will be away from the painting table for a couple of days which shoud give the undercoat plenty of time to dry. Hope to pick up the brush on Wednesday and make a start. I am still debating whether to paint the figures in small batches, say 3 at a time or whether to go for the production line approach of painting all the bases, all the horses, all the men etc… I think the former method is slower but much less tedious, so will probably go with that.

Next post Wednesday – cheers Wayne.

Started the undercoating using GW Black spray. I undercoat a two or three models at a time, using short bursts at a close distance. This covers about 90% of the model quickly. I then wait a few minutes and move the model to a position where I can fill in any bits I have missed. Always spray outside, ideally when its not too windy.

I ran out of spray before I’d finished so had to do a few by hand using Foundy Black.

Whilst I had the black paint out, I painted the edges and backs of a few of the shields.

Finally, I added the texture to some of the blank bases that I am making to use as fill-ins on the movement trays.

Cheers Wayne

Cracked on with the basing today. First step was to apply the quick dring polyfilla. I use a stainless steel sculpting tool to apply it as the filler doesn’t stick to it.

When that had dried I started to add some texture. I’m using sand mixed with PVA glue and water.

So far I have put the polyfilla on all the cavalry bases and am half way through adding the sand.

I have also made a start on the shields and have added the LBM transfers to about two thirds of the shields, here are some.

I hope to finish adding the sand to the rest of the bases tonight so they can dry overnight before possibly undercoating tomorrow.

Cheers Wayne.

I have decided to do all the shields together in one batch rather than doing them individually on each model. This should save me time and make it easier to apply the LBM shield transfers. However, it does have the drawback that the shields won’t be stuck as strongly as I would like to the model but I think they are less prone than the weapons to being caught and knocked off.

I have started by painting the shields white. This ensures that the colours on the shield transfer stand out properly. I will be undercoating the figures with black spray (another reason for doing the shields seperately).

I hope to start working on the bases today. I will be covering the whole base with quick drying polyfilla. I also intend to make up some blank bases so that when I remove casualties from the movement tray I can insert blanks in their place which I am hoping will make the movement trays look better.

Cheers Wayne.

Most of the cavalry have been cleaned up, assembled and stuck on their bases. I prefer to attach the wepons at this stage so that I am gluing metal to metal. If you paint the model first and then attach the weapon you end up gluing paint to paint which I don’t think gives as strong a bond.

The eagle eyed amongst you will notice that I have 2 units of 12 and 1 unit of 10. I have decided to make the third unit smaller as it will make it easier to manouvre round the flanks.


Cheers Wayne

Day 3

I have chosen to use Crusader Miniatures as I felt they gave a good selection of mounted poses. I ordered the figures from North Star who put together a good deal for me and allowed me basically to specify exactly which figures I wanted. I also ordered the LBM shield transfers and pennants at the same time.

I have cleaned up about 18 knights and have glued them to their bases. I’m using the Renedra plastic bases which I purchased at a very reasonable price from Gripping Beast. I’ve also chosen to use the Viking Pirate infantry pack from Gripping Beast.

Tomorrow I hope to have the rest of the cavalry cleaned up and stuck on their bases (I’m using single 25mm x 50mm).

Cheers Wayne.

Thought I’d take a quick run through the Army composition.

Characters: Well you have to really take the Duke, with his 4 attacks and 3 wounds he is a real tough cookie. I am giving him heavy armour and a thrusting spear. There is no point giving him a lance as the maximum strength is now capped at 5. I think I will also give him a warhorse, that extra attack might make all the difference. He comes in at around 207 pts.

Next to him will ride a Count that will be upgraded to carry the Army Battle Standard. Same equipment options as the boss. 

Cavalry: These guys are the main strike force and the ones going to be doing the fighting, so 2 x 12  Mounted Milites with Heavy armour and Thrusting Spear and a unit of 10 Mounted Milites to accompany the General and ASB which gives me the 50% requirement to be spent on common warriors.

Infantry: Some foot to back up the cavalry. I have chosen a couple of units of Vikings from the Dogs of War list and a couple of units of skirmishers.

The figures have arrived so tomorrow I will make a start on them.

Cheers Wayne.